Jessie creates beeswax and oil paintings using a technique she originated in 2013. She first paints several layers of melted beeswax onto a panel made for beeswax art. Next, she engraves an intricate nature-inspired drawing into the wax.  In many pieces Jessie includes her original poetry. To bring the lines to life, Jessie oil paints the drawing and then seals the work with heat. The result is a highly textured, truly unique piece of art that appears luminescent.

To purchase any of these paintings or to commission a special piece, email Jessie directly letting her know which painting you would like to acquire or to arrange a time to discuss with her having a custom piece made.

Once Jessie receives your email, she will email you a Square invoice for the price of the painting including tax and the shipping cost. You may pay the invoice securely and directly to Square by credit card. Once Jessie receives notice that the invoice has been paid, Jessie will ship your painting via FedEx Ground.

To ensure the safety of your painting during transport, Jessie builds a custom box around your piece and then puts this inner box in an outer standard shipping box filled with shock-absorbing packing materials. Jessie will notify you when she ships your painting and will email you your tracking number.

Below are several of Jessie’s paintings available for sale.  She regularly creates new work, so please check back to see what’s new from her studio.

Shipping in the continental US is by FedEx Ground at additional $75.

Email Jessie the Title of the piece you would like to purchase or commission.

Blue Eggs in Nest

Love’s Delight  16″x16″  $525 SOLD


Moonlit Journey 16″x20″  $625 SOLD


Believe 6″x12″  $255  SOLD


Love Is Generous  11″x14″  $325  SOLD


You Are Where I Belong  8″x10″   $245  SOLD


A Closer Look  12″x12″  $275  SOLD


You Matter  10″x10″  $265   original poetry  SOLD


Love Is The Answer  8″x10″  $245  SOLD


Hope  6″x6″  $215  SOLD


You Are More Beautiful  10″x8″  $265  original poetry  SOLD


Sweetest Friend  12″x12″  $275  SOLD


Be Love  8″x10″  $265  SOLD


Journey Home  6″x24″  $375  SOLD


Labor of Love  6″x6″  $215  SOLD


All Tucked In  10″x10″  $265  SOLD


Quiet Elegance  20″x16″  $625 SOLD


Center of My Heart  6″x6″  $215 SOLD


Dreams Take Flight  6″x12″  $255  SOLD


A Mother’s Love  6″x12″  $265  SOLD SOLD


Please Share Your Love  10″x10″   $265   original poetry SOLD


Promise  6″x6″  $215 SOLD


Breath of Life  6″x12″  $265 SOLD


Sweetest Dreams  6″x6″  $215  SOLD


Friend By The Sea  18″x18″  $625 SOLD


Love Indescribable  12″x12″   $275 SOLD


Love Is In The Air  12″x16″  $395 SOLD


Where Wishes Go  24″x6″   $395  SOLD


Don’t see the piece you want or the one you want has sold? Jessie welcomes commissions and can make a custom painting for you or your loved one. If one you like has sold, Jessie can create a very similar painting for you that will look and feel the same, but will remain an original as no two paintings are identical.  Email Jessie to explore having a custom piece made.