Jessie Benson creates beeswax and oil paintings using a technique she originated in 2013.  After applying several layers of beeswax to a cradled board, Jessie carves intricate nature-inspired drawings into the wax and uses oil paint to bring her line work to life.  Jessie often includes her original poetry in her pieces as she explores themes such as love, family, and spiritual growth.

Jessie left a career as a physician to follow her dreams.  She traveled the US for 8 months and hiked many National and State parks taking in all of the natural beauty.  She returned to the mountains of her childhood to settle in Floyd County, Virginia.

Making her way as a homesteader in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jessie finds inspiration all around.  She also draws inspiration from her current work as a certified life coach and yoga-meditation teacher as she makes visual representations of the spiritual journey.